Everything, Anything & Nothing.

For everything I couldn't find a place for, but worth looking at none the less.

this leather dress ♥ French Connection, no doubt more beautiful in the flesh (or leather). I really want one! I'm saving up, but my harsh no buying rule is making my wishlist expand!

Sunday Girl ♥ first noticed by the ever supportive ASOS magazine, she's apparently got talent in the music industry, all I know is I like her style.

I just had to post this image! ♥ Its from the ASOS magazine, and this is just a close up of the piggies. I dont know what it is, maybe its a Somerset thing, but when fashion is portrayed through nature and animals and all things adorable, I fall in love. Plus my friend Jessica told me this morning, her mother wants to get one instead of a dog!

Sorry for my photography, I will get better! Alexa Chung ♥ Again, i just wanted to post this new advertisement for Pepe Jeans London, feauturing Alexa, after her influence on Mulberry, I suddenly care about her!

I have a thing for bussiness and i adore creating collages ♥ this is one i put together in like minutes, just randomly. Made up of Vogue and Asos and Grazia and Drapers and so on, images of clothes never fail to look beautiful.

This is my wall decoration ♥ a metal bird wall art I have in my bedroom, I love it. It's beautiful, and looks lovely against my grey walls.It's 3D and attached by simple screws that hold it in place, it was really simple to display thanks to DIY daddy!

Just a close up of my collage ♥

And again, media images really inspire me ♥