What I'm Wearing.

October 16th
It's my Daddy's birthday today, and this is what I'm wearing out for a meal in the City. The shorts ar super short so I covered up on top, it's still pretty though with a sequin blazer and tshirt. I'm debating the shoes, they are as uncomfortable as hell. We'll see. Sorry for the awful quality, I had to take them off my phone.

10th October

SORRY! I have been so behind on posting my outfits. Last night i stayed round my best friends Siana's and she was nice enough to take a photo of me this morning. Because she looked so adorable i had to post the image of her too. I am wearing my favourite faux leather trousers, my favourite shoes, they are suede heels from Topshop but are so comfortable! The jacket is by H&m men, i preferred the shape to the womens! My boyfriend hates it. The scarf is my new thing at the moment, it's super warm and comfy and i think it looks very British.

Octobe 5th
I like this dress, the colour and cut out around the bottom. It's by River Island. I have had it for quite a while, I don't wear it often, I should.

October 3rd
I'm afraid I did not get the chance to ake a picture yesterday, I had a busy day with my parents as we were out being adventurous in the countryside, visiting my favourite little shops in Wedmore and Glastonbury town. Today however, I was up early, eagerly awaiting the sale of Glasto tickets, luckily we got ours easily, and I am so looking forward to next June. I'm home from my friends now, and as i'm busy doing jobs inside, I thought I would make the most of not having to layer up. the shoes stay on until my father comes home and tells me to stop damaging the floor.

October 1st

Ok, so summer is officially over and the constant rain is proving that Britain never fails to be eager on winters return. I'm kind of wishing i had listened to my mother when she advised me to buy a waterproof coat. Ok! I take that back, sorry beautiful Zara one! I'm feeling ill, great for this weather, so to make myself feel better, i wear something i love. Although this is so not winter wear, i'm holding onto every last part of sun and warmth i can, and i shall dress like it! The cardigan in my Topshop one, another pair of leathers, a pretty frilly tshirt and high high heels, inevitably, i want higher!

September 30th

I'm having a meal with my daddy tonight, i am wearing a pair of leather trousers again. The top is really different, it's real stiff fabric that has really nice button detailing on the chest and around the waist, by River Island. The blazer is worn with the collar up, just to make it look a bit more interesting. The bag is not actually a clutch, it's by DP and i bought it ages ago. A cheap take on the Chanel classics.

September 29th

I'm not going out anywhere today! I'm too tired after school, and i'm feeling a bit ill. Luckily, my lovely boyfriend is coming over to look after me and keep me company. I'm just wearing this purple dress that is a really strange material, it feels really luxurious but it's from Tesco! I saw it shopping once and i had to have it, it was super cheap but i love the feel, colour and simple shape.

September 28th
Out to meet my boyfriend, I'm wearing a leopard print jacket from H&M that is perfect for cold weather, it's so snuggly. My leather trousers, Mulberry bag, a plan tshirt from topman and a Topshop sleeveless utility jacket that i really like.

September 27th

I love this. It's a Topshop jumper that my Grandmother bought for me, my Jack Murphy gillet, faux leather trousers and my Mulberry bag. I told you i wear my leathers so much, i really adore them!

September 26th

These are my faux leather trousers, i absolutely love them! They're by Topshop, as is the utility style jacket. The tshirt is River Island it has a really cool pattern on it, that is like in the fabric, it's pretty. The bag is my Warehouse badboy and the boots are unfortunately New Look.

Here is me and a few friends at the dressing up party, everyone thought i was Jesus! So the whole Grecian thing didn't exactly go to plan, a really good night though.

September 25th
I had an amazing night last night! This morning I went to a farmers market with my boyfriend's family, and i fitted in so well it was hilarious! I didn't get a chance to take a picture but i was wearing my tweed blazer and a Jack Murphy gillet that i adore. There were so many old men wearing them too! Tonight, however, i have a dressing up party. I have decided to go as a Grecian goddess. This is the dress I am going to wear, it's by Topshop, it's beautiful and really flowy. To add the Grecian-ness I have borrowed a headband made from holly; we couldn't find any ivy. I think i'm going to try and add some gold, probably some bangles or something. I'll try and post an image tomorrow.

September 24th
Today, it's the start of the weekend! YAY! I'm going out with my boyfriend tonight, and decided I'd use this bag that i hardly ever take out. I once took it to work and the names 'hippie' and 'crystal reader' were used more than once. No one seems to like it, but i think it's a bit different and quite fun. I'm using it as a clutch here but it has a solid bamboo handle. The skirt is  my favourite faux leather one my boyfriend bought me, I'm wearing it with a plain tshirt that i think i bought from Topman, the cardigan is amazing, i love it, it's by Topshop and Olivia Palermo has it.

September 23rd
I'm off out to my friends house and to meet my boyfriend after. The gillet is actually an aviator jacket from River Island that i cut the sleeves off. The trousers are peg legs by Warehouse, they're so comfortable. I just kind of threw this together but i always liked monochrome black with the stripes, it's classic and very french.

September 22nd

This dress i made myself. I've worn it once before, into town for a tea with my best friend; it's a bit too stiff and not very breathable. The cardigan is by Zara, my favourite shop right now, i love the detailing round the edge. The boots are from New Look, i love the shearling edge. Again, it's my mulberry bag. 

September 21st

I really like this outfit. I was seeing my boyfriend after he was away for a week and i was really missing him. He does not like my H&M scarf (the rat), but i love it.
The boots are also H&M, as is the tweed jacket. I don't think he likes that either. To be honest, I don't give a ...
I love dressing like an old man, the countryside look interests me, I think that's my Somerset side coming out.
The t-shirt and lace shorts are Topshop. I think they look really cute and fun together.
And the bag... My Mulberry baby.

September 20th

Today, I fancied wearing something a bit different. I'm going round my friends house, I think I always over dress for any occasion. I like wearing the collar of this blazer up, It just gives it a more exciting shape. The skirt is quite puffy, so i tucked an a-symetric lined t-shirt into it to make it more casual. The bag is an old favourite, I use it way too much.