Show Stoppers.

Anuja Tolia Big Stone Ring in LapizAnuja Tolia Tan Agate Ring
$173 Anuja Tolia

Fantasie Divine Sanctuary Ring
Kara by Kara Ross Woven Spider Leg Ring
$130 Kara by Kara Ross
These are just a few of the gorgeous rings i have found over the Internet, unfortunately most are from the US market, but they are so beautiful; it's worth a look.


Beautiful Rooms.

Dress Form, Black Dottie


I have fallen in love with these dress forms from I really want one in my room, and although i originally wanted a traditional style, the prints are really preety and so feminine! Unfortunetly they are by a US brand and do not deliver to Europe. I've got my eye out for one though, and these are so inspiring, i have a soft spot for interior design, and i love buying things for my roon as well as myself! I am always searching about the web and i shall keep you updated with anything else beautiful and girly i find.


My two rings

The first, is a silver three peace sign ring, bought for me by my best friend for my 15th birthday. It was from a young designer based in London, and i absolutely love it. It was originally coated in 18ct gold, but over time it flaked off. Now i'm not too sure what it is, but i wear it everyday, every minute. I will never take it off, it's got huge sentimetal value as i love Georgia so much!
       The second, on top, means so much to me. My boyfriend bought it for me as a gift and i think it's so pretty. It's gold, with diamonds and a gorgeous gem in the centre. I love the colours and how i have a really cool and quirky ring on one hand, and the other is elegant and traditional. I never take this off either, to begin with i did in the shower because i was terrified of losing it, but now I trust myself. Rings are so special, they're my favourite sentimental item, i want a huge collection as i get older.
    For my next birthday, my mother has promised me an antique ring, and we're going to search around everywhere for the most amazing one. I want a huge gold one, my mother will probably hate it!



Edie Sedgwick.
An iconic 60's girl. Every image i found was beautiful and edgy and compelling and and and... The story of her life is really sad, but the movie Factory Girl was amazing. I watched it with my best friend, and although we didn't actually get it until the fifth time we saw it, we knew it was amazing. The whole setting and style of the film made it so obvious why her lifestyle is so iconic yet so miserable. It's heartbreaking to watch such industrial friendships deteriorate when emotions are involved, mixed with addiction and a difficult family background. Sienna Miller was phenomenal and her co star was just gorgeous. To me the movie represented the harsh decisions you make in life and the real consequences you pay for them.
However, the main point of the movie for me, was the true capture of Edie's life and personal style. Along with Andy Warhol, this women pushed the boundaries of modern art to a new league and has set the pace for today's industry. If you watch the movie i'm sure you will too notice the beautful styling and appreciate the whole 60's New York vibe.


Lookbook September.





Aren't these images from Zara'a latest lookbook just gorgeous? The simplicity of the shoot lets the beautiful clothes speak loud and clear, the styling is original and edgy yet classic. The whole atmosphere of these images make the cflothes seem so wearable and versatile. I've fallen in love with the naural fur waistcoat in the sixth image. No! i take that back, i want all of it.