Saturday, 18 September 2010

If i had to chose 3 pieces...

Ohh Olivia...

First item, a pair of leather leggings. I bought a pair from Topshop, and they are the most comfortable things I've ever had & they look gorgeous. I always wear them with a feminine top, to balance out the masculinity and huge heels. I'll post soon my favourite way to wear them, or maybe several!
Some people think they are trashy and i must admit, when i first wore mine, my mother pulled a face. But as with everything, It's how you wear it.

How gorgeous!

Secondly, the heels. If you're shorter these babies will save your life! Although i prefer chunkier heels these are amazing, they come in a paler beige shade too, and i swear I've seen a navy somewhere.
You can wear these with everything, from leather leggings to white vintage style dresses.

MULBERRY, all the best come from Somerset!

What isnt't ther to love about this bag?  It was designed by Mulberry inspired by Alexa Chung when the brand saw her using their men's Elkington satchel. They mixed up the design from that and their more traditional Bayswater bag to create this favourite, everytime i check it's sold out, but i'm saving for mine already!


  1. Those 3 items are gorgeous! and also am a fan of Oliva. I must add that your the only blogger i've come across with good advice!. Thank you! xx

  2. Aw thank you, that means alot!
    Keep reading and hopefully something else will be of your interest.
    Love B xxx

  3. I must say i do agree with Georgia.V , I am a fan of Olivia too. She has amazing style, effortless style may i add.
    Personally i think you are a great blogger & you have a good knowledge of style , which is key in being successful.
    I wish you all the luck in the world with this blog & i will encourage other bloggers to follow you.
    Thank you x

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  5. i think your a inspriation in your fashion or the way look apon a different side to fashion i think your a a very pretty individual its a shame you have a boyfreind cause i think are your very nice and we would get on well i would aprechite if you wpould give me your email adress so i could speak to you on there about your blog and your ideas towards fashion