Sunday, 26 September 2010


Next year, I am going to Glastonbury, and i cannot wait! I have never been before which is ridiculous, it's less than an hours drive away from my home in Somerset! I'll be camping with my three best friends who, obviously, i adore. They are so excited to see all the acts.
But let's be honest; who actually goes to Glasto for the music? I know I'm not. Sure, i might get slightly excited when I'm being bashed about by a load of hot, sweaty, drunken men, attempting to sing along to the lyrics that i do not have the faintest clue what they are. But personally, I'm going for the whole other side to the world that is festivals. The fashion.
Yes, the fashion. I cannot wait for the time to come, when I'm thinking of what to pack, and I'll take all my festo clothes. You know, the hunter wellies, the hippie headbands, the Barbour jacket; and yes OK maybe the festo smell as well. Ohh; the excitement! I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing.
My friend, Jessica, is a complete music junkie, can't get enough of the stuff. She thinks she's going for the music, i can promise you, subconsciously she just wants to wear the cut offs and skanky tshirt combo. We all know it, no point in lying! Check out her music blog @

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  1. hey i think its a lovely thing for you to do with your best friends and i hope you enjoy it :)